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When we built our first home in 1971, I was a housewife with two small children. Being an avid collector of antiques, I enjoyed decorating and being creative. Finding suitable curtains for our home at that time was a problem. I couldn't find anything commercially that had any flair, warmth, quality, style, or fullness. It was up to me to design a curtain that would be suitable for our home. If I were to have what I wanted, I would have to make it myself. I bought a bolt of fabric and began my experiment late one evening after I put my children to bed. "I never dreamed my experience would soon become the most successful and rewarding idea of my life."

I cut 4 panels, instead of the normal two, then gathered the remaining fabric into the ruffle. I thought, "Why shouldn't I make ruffled curtains from ceiling to floor?" and I did. Then, the question was, "How deep should I make the heading?" My desire was to create a ruffled effect above the rod, and a 4" heading worked beautifully. The next inspiration came when I noticed the sashes we had used on our daughters' dresses. "Gee, " I thought, "If only I could get a sash and a big bow on those curtains, that would be the perfect finish!" That is how our unique tiebacks came about. After working until the wee hours of the morning, I stepped back and realized that I had done it. I had the exact look that I wanted.

The next day, I purchased enough fabric to do all the windows in my home, because I desired a uniform look from the outside as well as from the inside. After the curtains were all hung, I designed ruffled placemats, chairpads, coverlets, and many accessory items to complement the curtains and décor.

A short time later, the doorbell began to ring. People were driving by, stopping and coming to the house to ask where I had gotten the curtains. When they found out they were Originals, they would ask if I would make some for them. I soon asked a neighbor to sew for me to fill orders for my customers. This was the beginning of our cottage industry. In 1978, we incorporated our business, opened our first display showroom, and began our mail order business. The factory was constructed in 1980.

The city of Wilmington, North Carolina has been very good to us. Through its support we have expanded into other areas of the United States and conduct business all over the world. We are a diversified company consisting of manufacturing, resale, and wholesale divisions. We also have our own in-house advertising agency. We have devoted much time and attention to our operation, developed on the premise of supplying a superior product presented in an honest, trustworthy, and straightforward manner to our customers. We offer a quick, fair approach to solving whatever problems may arise. You'll be 100% satisfied--or we'll make it right.

"We give each person's order the care and attention we would want given an order of our own. I admit to a great deal of pride in knowing that my ideas and designs have been enjoyed by so many. The extraordinary amount of yardage and the uniformity, fullness and width of the ruffles make our curtains unique, unlike any that I have ever seen. I am very, very proud of my creation, especially, because everything was unplanned and unintentional.it just happened."

The reward of this product's enthusiastic acceptance has been to provide me with a tremendous sense of accomplishment, making me grateful to be living in a country that has permitted me the freedom to develop my ideas and make a dream come true.

Thanks for visiting Dorothy's. Together we can create a new exciting decor for your home...and you can do all of this from your living room using your own ideas and personal creativity. We are happy to be of service to you.
Call 1-800-DOROTHY and our experienced decorators will give you personal attention.

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